When the cotton textile industry has been called in Turkey; Kahramanmaras is one of the first places that come to mind, even the first one. The Armen Textile Inc. that was established in this hero city which is the indispensable of the textile and has significantly contributed to the country’s export figures.

The company is the product of a synergy that arising from Mr. Mahmut ARIKAN and Mr. Fatih Mehmet CEYHAN’s over 20 years experiences who are the two of the city’s and the country’s major industrialists and businessmen both. In short time as 4 years, according to “Turkey Exporters Assembly” export datas in year 2013; the Armen Textile is the 598’th among the 60.000 exporting companies of the country within the most exporter 1000 companies.

Already, the company hinted to this success with the export figures in year 2012. Since it’s inception, the Armen Textile that carrying our activities out to become a global trademark that exporting to the world’s elite brands and companies and respectful to the nature, with the sustainable total quality concept that completely success-oriented, adopting their customers as partners, provides greater contributions to the country’s aim of 2023.